What is Mindfulness? 

We all know how many benefits you gain when you practice Mindfulness. I know… you’re very busy, but paradoxically when we meditate on a regular basis, we actually have more time. Make it a priority and dedicate just a few minutes of your day to this practice. The benefits of mindfulness are both immediate and long-term.

To help you, here is a short 8 minutes practice.  And scroll down to find some videos for your children to practice by themselves or with the family.

8 minutes Audio – Body and Breath

Mindfulness for the family 

Mindful Relaxation

Video – Mindful Relaxation







Video – Squeeze and Release

Video – Melt away a Grumpy Mood

Video – Relax like a Joyful Jellyfish

Video – Find a Peaceful Place

Video – Healing Powers of the Blue Light