Children’s Yoga classes

Children's Yoga Summer Term 2015







Once I had my first girl, I discovered my passion for working with kids and I certified myself to teach yoga to children. I have lots of energy to share and I’m able to add a dimension of fun in each class, with a creative, open-minded and seriously playful teaching style.

Children are born yoginis, since very young ages, children learn to love yoga because they have fun while getting all the benefits of this sacred tradition.

A yoga class for children is not about alignment, I use animated poses, games, music and basic stretching exercises that promote strength, flexibility and body awareness. Kids also learn how to relax and develop self-control through pranayama, breathing techniques.

Where can my children’s class take place?

Not only us, but children also have very busy agendas these days. Therefore, I can offer one-to-one classes, group classes with a group of friends where you prefer or at school as part of the curriculum or as a club after school hours.

Why would you wait until later to provide your child with all the benefits of Yoga?