Mum & Baby Yoga classes

The best way for mums to get their bodies back in shape after pregnancy while bonding with your loved baby!

Why should you take this class?

Benefits for you:

This is your opportunity to regain strength and muscle tone after pregnancy as well as to build patience and balance through yoga asanas and breathing techniques.  The class can be taught at your home or wherever you decide! All of this without having to find a babysitter!

Benefits for your Baby:

Your baby will also be practicing yoga asanas and will receive massage from you which both aid in digestion, sleep, comfort, and relaxation. And he/she will enjoy quality time with Mummy!

Benefits for you & your Baby:

Yoga means “Union” (body, mind and spirit) and in this class Yoga also unites Mummy and Baby in a fun activity that allows Baby to look for a whole hour into the eyes of the person he/she loves the most!


Circle of friends – Mum with or without baby

You share these beautiful moments of having a baby with some friends in your same situation. Let me organize a Yoga class for you all! I’ll customize the class according to your preferences.

I can tailor it to your needs, it can be with or without babies, it can include pushchairs or prams, it can be outdoors or indoors, and so on.

You’ll get tons of Yoga benefits and have some fun too while nurturing your friendship with shared experiences.