One-to-One Yoga classes

After many years of teaching and influenced by different schools, I define my teaching style as Ashtanga/Vinyasa flow, a fusion of powerfully engaging asanas, focusing on alignment and the coordination of the body, breath and mind.

I specialize in one-to-one or small group classes and the reason for this is two folded. On one hand, in today’s busy world, not everybody has the time to attend a class in a studio, my classes are held at your convenience in the comfort of your own home or venue of your preference or at my studio in Singapore. And on the other hand, I tailor the classes to my students’ specific needs and I make of each yoga class a unique experience for them.

Because of my personality, my teaching uses a lot of compassionate encouragement giving my students that little push to grow in their yoga practice.

My classes are fun and very dynamic, flowing from one pose to the next one. They help you build core power, tone the abdominal muscles supporting the lower back and aid to develop physical and mental balance.

Above all, I make sure that each of my students leaves the class with a smile. Why would Yoga be so serious? Whatever Yoga level you have, I’ll help you progress in your practice savouring each mile of this wonderful journey.

Let me find your path in life through Yoga and enrich my teaching with your experiences.