“When I first started taking private lessons with Paula, I was skeptical about all the mind-body connection theories that I had come across. Paula not only made me passionate about yoga, but has patiently helped me discover body awareness that has helped me in running and strength training.  I am a busy professional in banking and Paula has been very accommodating of my erratic schedule. Finally Paula does not give up and has tremendous faith and patience in her students.” Jaya.-

“Due to a 2nd C-section and a split pelvis, yoga was the most natural path for me to follow as I was restricted with other forms of exercise. Since starting my classes with Paula I can wholeheartedly say that I feel rejuvenated in both my body and mind. Not only has my posture and alignment improved but I feel mentally so much stronger, calm and positive. My initial goal was for weight loss only, however, I have realized that this was merely the icing on the cake. I leave feeling amazing after every session with Paula. She tunes the session to my individual needs which you cannot achieve from a group class. Paula has an amazing aura and such positive energy which made me feel extremely connected with her.” Lena.-

“I love Yoga and I love Ms Paula. I like the poses that go upside down (headstands). When I go to class it makes me happy. I like yoga because it makes me so happy” Lili (6 years old).-

“Paula has an Infectious energy which the children seem to gravitate toward. Each class is unique and fun for all ages.” Alesandro (preschool teacher).-

“Paula’s yoga class is so engaging and fun! My kids really enjoyed and appreciated the class thanks to the lovely games, songs and materials that Paula uses. Great balance between fun and learning. My kids would come home so excited about the new poses they practiced!” Monica (mum of Valen, 4 years old & Eli, 2 years old).-

 “I was a devoted client of Paula in NYC and miss her terribly. As an avid tennis player with shoulder issues, I needed a tailored yoga and fitness program and Paula delivered!  My weekly private sessions left me in the best shape I have been in years. My strength and flexibility both improved enormously. And Paula is such a lovely and engaging person!  Highly recommended.” Sandra.-

“Miss Paula was a wonderful addition to our Enrichment programs.  She was in line with our company’s philosophy on teaching children about staying active and healthy, and she did this through her Yoga classes!  The children were always excited to see her each week, and even would practice Yoga poses in the classrooms afterwards.  Miss Paula also integrated Spanish into her classes which was a fantastic addition to her already actively engaging sessions!  Her calm demeanor and bubbly personality made her a hit with children, teachers and the parents.  We couldn’t have appreciated her more!” Valerie (preschool teacher).-

“I am enjoying Paula’s yoga class very much. There are a lot of poses she taught us. The poses we have are Flower pose, Turtle pose, Frog pose, Warrior and Butterfly pose, Shutaronger (chaturanga) and Walking on a plank. Yoga makes me stronger and healthy, and it’s very fun. I love Paula’s yoga class.” Michelle (6 years old).-

“I love Ms Paula. She is a great teacher for Yoga.” Camile (6 years old).-

“Yoga with Paula was truly a revelation. She was calm, patient and sensitive, all attributes that made this yoga novice wait eagerly for every class. She paced the classes beautifully, coaxing more from my untrained limbs than I had ever dreamed possible and maintained absolute serenity regardless of the surrounding distractions. Lessons for life indeed!” Nina.-

” I like how Ms. Paula takes us on an adventure through the jungle but we are really doing yoga! I also really like how she helps us focus on our breathing. That helps me concentrate in school too, like the elevator breathing. I really like yoga time. Can we do Yoga now?” (Jack 5 years old).-

“I started taking private lessons with Paula when she lived in NYC. I had dabbled in Yoga, but had never taken it seriously. After having a son I felt I needed to de-stress more than ever and needed to begin more of a mind body connection workout. My whole outlook on Yoga changed with Paula. She is dedicated, full of energy, patient and really knows how to cater a class to your specific needs and desires. With her teaching and guidance I was able to do poses I thought were impossible for me — a head stand was my greatest fear and became one of my greatest accomplishment during my time with her.  I became stronger both mentally and physically. Her knowledge and dedication is something I have never found since and truly miss! Paula will change you life for the better so don’t think twice about it and take a class!” Gabriella.-