Yoga and Nutrition Workshops

PurpleCarrot Nutrition and Yoga4Happiness have teamed up to bring you a three-part workshop to help you support your hormonal balance naturally.

If you are dealing with thyroid issues, mood swings, stressPMS, fertility issues or are entering the peri-menopause rollercoaster, these workshops can help you learn how to gently balance your endocrine system, AKA, your hormones.

Each session will include a talk on nutrition by our Nutritional Therapist Pilar Manzanaro followed by a hormone-focussed yoga session with North London’s favourite yoga teacher, Paula Lopez De Mollein.

After yoga, we’ll move to the kitchen with PurpleCarrot’s chef Paula Quest to prepare (and enjoy!) a deliciously healthy dinner packed with hormone-friendly nutrients.


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“For over 10 years I have enriched my life (and hopefully many others’ ?) with my Yoga teaching. During this time, I have seen most of my students transitioning through difficult stages in their lives when physical, mental and emotional changes arose caused, in many cases, by hormonal imbalances.

I can say that Yoga is one of the most effective natural practices to relax the nervous system and improve the functioning of the endocrine system, helping the body adapt to hormonal fluctuations.

During our workshops I will equip you with many poses and breathing techniques that can help you ease most of the common symptoms, improve your energy level and increase your determination, your willpower!”

Paula Lopez De Mollein ?
Yoga Teacher

“As a nutritional therapist, I work with many female clients to achieve a balanced diet to support their endocrine system and boost their energy at any age.

Certain nutrients are fundamental for hormone production and some are not found in good amounts in our current diet.

For example, selenium is a fundamental mineral for the conversion of thyroid hormones to their active form and we all need a little cholesterol, yes! cholesterol, to support our stress response and sex hormone production”

Pilar Manzanaro 
Nutritional Therapist


“I am a busy mother of three so I understand how hard it can be to change the way we eat (and shop and cook!) but fear not, we can help you with tricks and tips that will make cooking a pleasure – for both you are those eating the food!  

We understand the constraints of modern life and have developed recipes that take a mere 15 minutes to put together and the whole family will love! And of course, we’ll include plenty of hormone and energy boosting ingredients! 

We will provide you with shopping lists, recipes and menu planners to help you get started on your own cooking journey!”

Paula Quest 
Nutritional Chef