Prenatal Yoga classes

Prenatal Yoga 3 House club

PRENATAL YOGA in St John’s Wood

Mondays@10:50am at 3 House Club (Bridgeman St in SJW)

Are you pregnant and you’d like to stay in shape in a gentle way, keeping aches and pains away and the energy flowing?
Come and join this beautiful group of women to share experiences.


As a mum of two, I benefited hugely from my yoga classes during pregnancies, so I certified myself as a Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga teacher.  It’s such a delightful experience to help women with their physical changes and new emotions arising, getting ready to happily deliver a new life to this world.

It is important to slow down during pregnancy, in my own experience practicing yoga when I was pregnant helped to keep me grounded and gave me time to feel pregnant, to connect with my baby. There is research that confirms that the mother’s emotional state during pregnancy determines the quality, nature, character, capacity, and even size of her infant’s neural system.

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy. It is a gentle and safe way of keeping toned and supple without strain, a way of keeping aches and pains away and keeping energy flowing. Staying in shape during pregnancy helps you recover faster after your baby is born. A very important part of the prenatal practice is Pranayama, which helps alleviate stress and overall discomfort and is an important technique to learn for labor.

You have a little miracle growing inside of you, let me help you enjoy this amazing journey!